Why Safe Drinking Water Is Must

We know that access to pure and safe water is a basic human right. Safe drinking water is very important for your body to stay healthy.

People habitually take too lightly how deadly contaminated water can actually be. According to the WHO*, nearby to 1.8 million people die per year from diarrhea diseases such as cholera. Improving the quality of drinking water and making it safe and healthy can decrease diarrhea episodes by between 35% and 39%.

Drinking water directly from a tap can be quite unsafe. Often water pipes are old and oxidized, dropping water quality. Moreover, chemical, physical and microbiological contaminations from the source of water make it even more dangerous for you and your loved ones. During earlier times, boiling your water made it harmless enough to drink. Many germs and bacteria were removed and the water was measured relatively clean. But, just boiling your drinking water is no longer enough. Water types now days contain many new age impurities such as pesticides and dangerous chemicals that can’t be removed even by boiling water for over 30 minutes.

Purifying your drinking water by the best technology is absolutely imperative. And water purifiers from Eureka Forbes deliver customized water solutions. UV water purifiers are best for water sourced from municipal corporations. These water purifiers make your water crystal clear, removing disease causing bacteria and viruses. RO water purifiers are perfect for tanker or ground water that have high levels of TDS. They eliminate all the excess salts and minerals that give your water a khara or salty taste, making it clean & safe to drink for your whole family members. Water purifiers that use a mixture of both these technologies are perfect for homes that have water from a multiple water sources.

Another advantage of water purifiers from Eureka Forbes is that the unique Mineral Guard Technology and Biotron Cartridge retains all the minerals and nutrients that are advantageous for your body health. This makes your drinking water not just clean but healthy as well.

Dehydration can cause a number of diseases. Drinking water frequently and staying hydrated can mean a number of advantages – from keeping your body temperature normal to defensive your spinal cord and tissues. To stay healthy and fit, it’s important to keep drinking pure water. Make sure you and your loved ones always have access to pure water and keep their health life as well.

If you’re not sure about which water purifier is suitable for your needs, use the Water Doctor App. Additionally, you can reach out to our water specialists for a home demo as well.

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