Water Softener Service

Solving hard water problems begins with a water softener !

Make your life easier and ascertain priority to your health Water Softeners. One of the most reliable product and innovation that resolve the problems of hard water, which is often seen in residential, commercial, agriculture, and many other zones.

Hard Water Complications

The presence of excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium makes water hard and leads to a lot of problems such as foul plumbing, increased galvanic corrosion, scale build-up, and much more.
In the zone of home and office, the hard water might affect bathroom fittings with scaling and rust stains. Not just that hard water imposes its results on dishwashing, cleaning clothes, and breakdowns in equipment with the corrosion problem.
Apart from that, in the field of agriculture, the hard water can decrease the yield by destructive influence on the crops and land. Besides this, hard water shows it’s drastic effects on the swimming pool and areas of pond or lake where chances of green algae are much higher if not kept in clean condition.

Hence, for preventing all the hard water problems, Water Softeners technology by Kent and many other brands are introduced in the market.

Advantages of Water Softeners

The Water Softeners converts hard water into the soft water by exchanging salts of calcium and magnesium with Sodium through an Ion-exchange process.

Branded Water softeners regenerate without any issue. The microprocessor-controlled technology automatically goes through 5 stages of regeneration without manual intervention.

Most of the water softeners are compact and easy to use. With their space saving design, they require a small zone to get installed.

Also with the innumerable benefits, water softeners help prolong the life of the appliances, bathroom fittings like taps, showers, clothes, industry machinery in an economical way.

Water softener installations

Our licensed technicians will carefully install your new water softener to take care of your water quality issues. By selecting the correct Water-Right product, we’ll remove hardness, iron, chlorine, and sulfur odors from your water—with only one unit! Talk to us for reverse osmosis systems and specialty filters, too. Our relationship with Water-Right means you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your needs will be handled by professionals.

Water softener repair

Water softeners not only improve the quality of your water, but they help other big-ticket appliances in your home work better. That’s why it makes sense to take care of problems right away if you notice hard water problems—for example, if your dishes are cloudy or you’re not putting as much salt in the tank as usual. Our experienced plumbers are available during business hours to answer your questions, troubleshoot problems and repair your softener.

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